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Headaches Loss of Sense of Smell and Taste: Could you have Covid-19

No one wants to get ill due to many disadvantages that come with falling ill. This is more so with illnesses that are novel or have no known cure or vaccination. Hence, most people strive to know about healthy living habits and strive to implement the knowledge towards staying healthy and fit as much as possible. However, it is not every ailment that you can escape by just eating healthy, exercising, going for medical check-ups, taking supplements, resting, and adopting healthy lifestyles. There are some instances where epidemics could come up that would require you to take a lot of extra efforts to stay healthy. The epidemic best describes what started by December 31st 2019 before spreading to virtually every part of the world within 3 months.

How Coronavirus Started

Coronavirus is an epidemic that is believed to have started from Hunan Seafood Market in Wuhan China. While the exact cause and other details are not exactly known, it is easily one of the worst diseases that have affected the world for over 90 years. The fact that it is a new virus without vaccine or medication and the way with which it was spreading made it a pandemic.

healthy living habits

Mode of Transmission

If activities had continued as usual for the first 6 months of 2020, everybody in the world would have contacted the virus within that first 6 months. This is because while it is not exactly air-borne, it was available in particles of spit and discharge from the nose. The implication was that staying too close with a person having the virus would make an individual be at a very high risk of contracting the virus. Touching contaminated surfaces such as shaking a person who has the virus and has sneezed into his hands, or touching a surface an infected person has contaminated or even collecting an item from the person all tends to make a person contract the virus.

Symptoms of Coronavirus

Some symptoms were attributed to Coronavirus. The implication was that having any of those symptoms could imply that a person has the Coronavirus pandemic. However, like other symptoms, it is not confirmed that you have the virus if you have any of the symptoms. This is considering that most of the symptoms are also common with other illnesses. The most common symptoms are tiredness, dry cough and fever. Other less common symptoms are a rash on skin, toes or fingers discolouration, loss of smell or taste, headache, conjunctivitis, diarrhoea, sore throat, pains and aches. If you have any of these symptoms, there are chances you might have contracted Coronavirus or maybe not. You would need to visit the hospital or Covid-19 centres for a test. If you do not have the virus, you might be looking for where to get online medicine to purchase drugs to treat the symptoms.

How to avoid catching the Virus

Some measures have been proffered that people are advised to adhere to in the meanwhile to reduce the chances of contracting the virus to the barest minimum. Prominent among such measures include avoiding public places and contact with people as much as possible, use of hand sanitizers, wearing of facemasks, washing of the hands with running soap and water for at least 20 seconds regularly. Those who can work from home are advised to continue to work from home, while people are asked to only leave home when it is important.

Treatment of Covid-19

Across the world, the race to develop vaccine and treatments for Covid-19 is on. However, as of early September 2020, there is no approved medication for the treatment of Covid-19 yet.  Hence, those who are infected are asked to isolate at home until they develop symptoms. Should they develop symptoms, they would be asked to report to hospitals where the ailment is treated in their locality. The symptoms are managed while their condition is monitored. If their conditions get worse, mainly when they start experiencing difficulties in breathing, they are placed on ventilators.


Many people have never experienced the loss of smell and taste until Covid-19 started. However, stress and many other factors can lead to headaches, making headaches a very common symptom that most people experience regularly even before Covid-19. Hence, if you are experiencing headaches, there is a low chance you have Covid-19. However, if you are experiencing loss of taste and smell with or without the headaches, there is a high chance you might have Covid-19. However, you do not need to panic or get scared. You should get yourself tested first. It might not be as a result of Covid-19. Even if it is as a result of Covid-19, there is a very high chance that you would survive as death rates to survival rates have dropped to 4 per cent from an initial 21 per cent when the virus just broke out. It signifies that progress is being made in containing the effects and fatality of the virus.




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