What is the amount of meat advisable to eat in a week?

It is an irony that some of the things that are believed to be sweetest in life are sometimes forbidden or should not be taken too often or till a particular period, while several things we don’t like to do normally are expected of us. For instance, most people would rather eat, sleep, and play all day, but they are forced to read hard for the first 20 years of their lives and then work hard for a significant percentage of the rest. However, when it comes to the consumption of sweet things, people are expected to consume them in minimal quantity or avoid them altogether. Sugar has even been blamed for a wide range of diseases and up till today, it is advised that people should eat it minimally or even avoid it completely. The same applies to meat. While some people avoid meat entirely because they are animal lovers/activists or because of their health, the rest of us are advised to eat meat in very limited quantities. You could subsequently be wondering how much meat you should eat in a week.

Quantity of meat that you should eat in a week

Generally, not every meal requires that you eat it with meat. Hence, if you eat a healthy balance of meals that require meat and those that do not require meat, you will end up eating meat on an average of 1.5 meals per day, while on the other meal, you don’t have to eat meat. However, it is not only with meals that we eat meat as we could sometimes consume barbecue meat or meat in other forms for the fun of it since we can avoid it. If you want to eat barbecue meat, you can read Steaks and Game reviews to see how they can help you with your wish. Furthermore, there are also instances where people eat a lot of meat each time they eat a meal that requires meat, or due to their love for meat, they eat meat, whether the meal requires it or not, and sometimes in large quantities too.

Steaks and Game reviews

It is often said that too much of everything is bad and this applies to eating too much meat. Many conditions could contribute to how much meat will be too much to eat per week and how much meat won’t be too much. Some of the factors are discussed subsequently.

The type of meat

There are two major types of meat that people eat with meals. There is red meat and white meat. It is the red meat that is generally considered harmful and people are advised to avoid it as they grow older. This is because the digestive system of an older person will be more stressed digesting the meat and it could lead to health complications. Red meat is mostly referred to as the type of meat gotten from cows and goats among others. On the other hand, there is the white meat, mostly gotten from poultry such as Turkey and Chicken. This type of meat is said to be healthier and can be consumed in higher quantities compared to red meat. You can read reviews about companies that sell meat and meat-related products to know how they manage their urge for meat and can eat the right quantity of meat for them. If you need to order for a particular type of meat, you can read reviews of food companies on CollectedReviews to know the right company to order from.

The health status of the individual

For very healthy individuals, they might not have to bother so much about eliminating red meat from their diet as it would be beneficial to them. On the other hand, if the individual has underlying health conditions that make it dangerous for him to eat meat, then they would be advised to stay off red meat or meat completely. To improve their quality of health and increase their chances of living longer, it would be best to heed such instructions and stop.

How frequently the meat is eaten

The frequency at which a person eats meat is also important. When an individual eats meat too frequently, especially red meat, it becomes a problem. However, there are many other alternatives to red meat apart from white meat that includes fish and egg. These products are often used in place of meat. Hence, if an individual should regularly rotate between these different alternatives, and they eat each in moderation when they want to consume such products, then they should not have any meat-related product immediately or in the future.

Other factors to consider when you want to eat meat

Some other factors to consider when you want to eat meat are discussed subsequently.


Meat is a sensitive food type that easily susceptible to having worms, germs, and diseases. Hence, it is important to properly cook any meat we want to eat to make sure every germ on it is dead before we will have to consume it. Failure to do so and an individual could be exposed to various ailments.

Need for protein

Depending on the activities of an individual, they might need to consume more protein-related products to be healthy. This is especially for people that work out or do other strenuous activities that stress their muscles and put them at risk of injury. Protein is important for quick recovery of the muscle and hence relief. When this is the case, you might want to include plant protein into your diet as much as possible, while consuming protein meals that are healthy for you. Protein supplements are also another alternative for you when you need a lot of protein as opposed to trying to get all your protein needs from meat, and worse still, red meat.




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